Help us link and map the reality behind  Out-of-body Experiences & Astral Projection

An their potential interconnective patterns that all these experiences mesh through supernatural events, astrology, mediums and psychics

To help everyone who wants to learn more on how to control or understand these transitions from 3D reality to the beyond and back. Providing a platform to encourage a wider awakened OBE community, so we can all grow and advance together with more of an in-depth understanding. Here you’ll be able to read testimonials from across the globe and discover a greater view of what’s actually there on the other side. I hope this can bring much joy and comfort to all and pray it can help guide and answer some of the question you’ve been searching for.

Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) the phenomena of leaving the physical body:

Is often quiet a common and natural occurrence for those who meditate on a regular basis. The experience of leaving your body is complex, although is normally directly tied in with experiences of traveling the universe, visiting other planets or even completely different dimensions! Most refer to these energetic and adventurous states of consciousness as Astral Travel. People whom have experience these types of OBE’s can also have spiritual encounters or meetings with entities not of this realm. An will relate to one another by the striking similarities of their travels, visiting places where time NO longer exist, where all sensors are magnified and the rules are completely different to here on Earth. Some of the most common ways people launch into OBE’s are through lucid dreaming, spirt guides, raising one’s frequency/vibration, awareness through meditative states and near-death experiences. 


Are We All Astral Traveling?

Are We All Astral Traveling?

The general consensus is we are all having OBE’s, though for most our awareness is simply not at a state where it’s possible to remember.

The best way to explain this is like having a dream, just think how hard it is to remember some dreams; they come and barely 5 mins after you wake it has completely vanished from your memory. That’s where raising your vibrations through the chakra cleansing, or bringing more conscious awareness in day-to-day living can lead to some profound and life changing experiences.

Here you have the opportunity to bring positive guidance, and shed some light on the possibilities by writing about the times you’ve also had OBE. To share with people from around the world what has happened and how it has changed and impacted your life. Being able to blog about them on OBE.LIVE and having this space to catalogue these events so you can easily come back to them in the future could provide a valuable tool to your life’s journey and help others understand theirs in the process. A place to connect with others that feel the same way and project real hope to the collective OBE consciousness expansion.


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Or simply not been able to talk about your experiences because there’s no one else in your life that can relate to these other dimensions! Registered user of OBE.LIFE will be able access data collected from across the globe, in hope this can help piece together any potential links between individual experiences. Building awareness of OBE phenomena and for those who want to grow, help learn new ways in which we can continue to have these experiences. A community that can provided advise to those new to OBE’s, and give some insights to others that experience difficulties, blockages and fear around their own OBE.